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The Big Problem In The Market:

There’s BILLIONS in wasted ad spend every single year. Roughly 16 billion dollars to be exact. How do we know?

The average conversion rate for a website is around 2.58%. The average advertising spend for e-commerce alone is 17 billion dollars.

This means that roughly 16 billion dollars is being spent every year on traffic that has not converted.

What’s worse is these visitors are anonymous - sure they can be re-targeted by Facebook/Google ads but no one knows the actual identities of these wasted visitors.

So that is part problem we solve.

Identity Resolution Re-targeting (IRR)

Once you resolve identities from your website, there is immense value…however data is only valuable when you know how to use it.

We are going 1 step further than resolving identities and actually building a comprehensible re-targeting strategy using the data.

How We Solve It:

Using our ‘Identity Resolution Re-activation Sequences’ to actually re-convert these anonymous visitors back into leads and sales.

There will be some "word-smithing" needed, however the majority of this is mapped out and done for you.

Blue Ocean Retargeting

(Cloning Sales)

All your competitors are running paid ads and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM is using the same type of targeting. It’s extremely saturated and costs are going up.

How can we give you targeting that no one else has access to?

Remember how I mentioned we have access to an ‘identity graph’?

Well in the same way we used this for our re-targeting, we will use this for our targeting.

By finding out what type of audience is converting into sales, we can rebuild this and create a custom targeting solution that will instantly drop cost per acquisition. We can do this with every solution/product you sell.


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